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Medication Reviews

Did you know that the most-used medication for high blood pressure can cause a persistent cough, and that there are better alternatives without that side effect? Sit down with your Med-X Pharmacist today and we will go over the effectiveness, side effects, alternatives, and everything else that will make your medication experience easier. 

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Opioid Agonist Treatment

At Med-X Pharmacy we understand the physical and emotional toll of addiction. We strive to offer Methadone and Suboxone treatment in a friendly and judgement-free space. We also provide free Naloxone kits for patients in need.   

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Diabetes Medication & Supplies Consultation

3 cornerstones of treating diabetes are understanding the medications you take, having low-cost or free diabetic supplies like testing strips and needles, and keeping track of your blood sugar levels through testing.  At Med-X Pharmacy we have 20+ years of experience helping patients with each dimension. Our pharmacists will help you optimize your therapy, apply for the proper programs to get free diabetic supplies, and show you what your blood sugar levels really mean. Visit us for a consultation today.

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