A&D LifeSource Tri-Axial Activity Monitor - Simple Walking Pedometer

A&D LifeSource Tri-Axial Activity Monitor - Simple Walking Pedometer

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The LifeSource Tri-Axial Activity Monitor is the most advanced and accurate activity tool to measure your steps. That uses a digital accelerometer to track movement in all directions. This monitor provides an objective assessment of your daily physical activity, so you can see how much progress you're making and adjust your routine accordingly. Whether you are walking, running, exercising, or even dancing, the tri-axial activity monitor is precisely tracking your activity level so you can see results.

The pedometer for walking is an ultra-slim and lightweight tool that gives you detailed activity information. It's easy to read, weighing only 28 grams, and has a large screen for easy viewing. With its powerful features, the LifeSource walking step counter is perfect for measuring your overall fitness level or tracking your progress over time. It's perfect for anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.

Pedometer for Walking Features

  • 3-axis motion detection
  • Step, distance, and calorie counter
  • Large and easy-to-read screen
  • Motion indicator displays the intensity of walking or jogging
  • 14-day memory
  • Detachable lanyard
  • Internal Clock
  • Power save mode
  • Battery life indicator
  • Walking steps counter