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Webber Hydrating Cream Face Moisturizer with Vit E (50mL)

Webber Hydrating Cream Face Moisturizer with Vit E (50mL)

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Webber Hydrating Cream Face Moisturizer, with Vitamin E to help the natural healing process of the skin and the appearance of very Dry Skin (tube - 50mL)

  • Webber Hydrating cream provides intense moisturizing power that absorbs quickly into skin and restores dry skin with 24 hour of long-lasting moisture
  • This hydrating cream helps the appearance of the skin, making it look firmer and younger-looking skin
  • Webber Moisturizing Cream instantly quenches and smoothes extra-dry skin with its 30 IU/g of Vitamin E

Webber has been producing skin creams enriched with 100 percent natural source vitamin E. Webber antioxidant natural vitamin E moisturizes and protects your skin, helping to slow down the normal process of aging. It improves complexion, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides a younger looking skin.